Announcing Buy or Not

We’re excited to announce the availability of BuyOrNot — the revolutionary iPhone app that lets you quickly check ONLINE product reviews while you are shopping in stores.

Shop with wisdom of over 45 Million product reviews in your pocket. BuyOrNot makes it easy to find online ratings while you are shopping in a store. Scan a product’s barcode to see how it is rated at your favorite online stores.
With BuyOrNot, you can:

  • Quickly access over 45 million product ratings while you’re shopping. Just scan a barcode and BuyOrNot does the rest.
  • Find out which products are worth buying and which products should be avoided. Buy with confidence knowing that you’re buying a product that has has been rated favorably by others.
  • Stop wasting money on purchases you regret once you get them home.

The App (normally priced at $.99) at the iTunes store, is free for a limited time.

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About our Reviews

At the heart of BuyOrNot is its massive database of over 45 million product ratings on hundreds of thousands of popular products.  When you scan a product, BuyOrNot can show you how that product was rated by users at top online retailers such as Amazon, BestBuy, Home Depot and hundreds more.

Buy Or Not does not currently work on grocery items, but works brilliantly on electronics, books, shoes, sporting goods, appliances, tools and many other categories.

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We welcome your feedback.  You can reach us at support [at]

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